How to plan a stress-free move and succeed

If you’re planning to relocate, you can hire removal services from the website It’s the quickest and most convenient solution to moving your stuff from one place to another. This is especially true with the available moving boxes and materials that you can get from the company. 

However, despite the availability of removal services, relocating still remains a challenge. Nonetheless, you can make the entire process less stressful, easier, and smoother for you and the entire family with a few tricks up your sleeves.

How to move without the blues

Create a plan 

This is the best way to ensure an organised move with as little stress as possible. Start by creating a checklist of things that need to be packed first and those that you need up to the day of the move. You’re still going to need a set of tableware until the last day, but definitely not the entire cupboard. 

You should also plan which room to pack first on a specific day. Most of the time, getting started is the hardest part. Once you start packing, you will start moving forward. 

Speaking of which, you must also have a plan as to how you can remain organised when unpacking at your new location.

Book removals in advance

It’s highly recommended to begin the moving process early to avoid any problems associated with last-minute scrambling. A month ahead is good enough, which also gives you ample time to book a removal service. 

Don’t make the mistake of booking removals just a week shy of your scheduled move. There is a high probability that service providers are booked, especially at the end of the month when relocation usually happens. 

With that in mind, visit the website for information on how you can book removalists. 

Don’t underestimate the move

The reason you’re planning is for you to understand the size and complexity of the work involved. Failure to properly estimate the amount of time and effort you need to exert can lead to unexpected problems and even cost overruns. You might need to hire an extra truck a week before your scheduled move, which is not included in your budget. 

Keep the communication lines open

There are instances when the moving date has to be amended because of the change of closing date or that you needed more time to pack. It’s important to stay in communication with your real estate agent, removalists, and other people who may be affected by the change. 

Start packing

Whether you handle the packing yourself or hire removalists to do this on your behalf, you should get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Any more dilly-dallying would be to your disadvantage. 

What does a good moving checklist look like? 

It involves several things, but the most important are:

  • Book a moving company and make arrangements a month before.
  • Sort through all your stuff and classify them as good to keep and good to donate.
  • Purge and give away or sell items you no longer want or need. 
  • Start packing things you won’t use or use infrequently.
  • Take inventory of all items that will be moved and sign the bill of lading before the removalists leave. 

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